We believe in empowering each other to reach our full potential

Our mission

We love vSaaS and their small business customers!

At Vaya, we love vertical SaaS tools that support small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) and the entrepreneurs behind them. That's because SMBs make the goods and services we all use every day and they provide jobs and income for most people in an economy. We believe that if SMBs succeed, whole economies and countries prosper! Our mission at Vaya is help our vSaaS customers make their products more useful for the small businesses that use them!
Our approach

Embedded credit

We enable seamless access to credit for SMBs by making it available ubiquitously in the apps and tools they use to run their business.
We are building the tech that will let our partners embed or weave in access to credit so that SMBs can get credit where they are and when they need it. That's why we named the company Vaya — which means to weave in Sanskrit —and why we generally map to the embedded finance landscape. If you’d like to learn more about embedded finance, you can start your exploration with our blog.
Our culture

Who we're looking for

We know that every company is looking for smart people who can get things done, and of course, we value that too. But, there is more to our culture than the work that has to get done today. We are looking for people we can build meaningful relationships with, people who we can invest in and grow with and who will invest in and grow with us.
That means people who value integrity. It means people who are honest and authentic in what they say, how they think, and how they behave. We have found such people can listen, debate and disagree at the same time; they can admit when they are wrong and learn from their mistakes.
We have found such people to not only grow and learn quickly, but also be fun to work with and learn from. We also value curiosity and autonomy. Folks who are going to energetically wade into complicated problems and do what they need to do figure it out.
Work and Life

Perks & benefits

Comp & ESOPs

We get that building a leading company requires great people. So, we’re happy to compensate you like a leading companies should by paying market competitive compensation. We also offer stock options (ESOPs) so that success for the company translates to success for those who work here.

Work & Team

We prioritize work quality over hours, offering flexibility with work from home and meetings in collaborative workspaces with food. Team-building activities like dinners, poker nights, and offsites in Karnataka's natural beauty encourage effective collaboration outside the office.

Wellbeing & More

Our sustained high-level performance expectations come with generous paid time off, health, and life insurance for unexpected events, ensuring readiness. We also provide the necessary tools for job performance and prioritize your learning with course/conference coverage.
Our Tech

Note on our tech stack

Our tech stack looks like this today, but we are always exploring new technologies and adopting them then they fit our needs
Backend & Deployment Environment: Python with FastAPI for our APIs, AWS Services, Kubernetes
Frontend: React, Redux, Sveltekit
Data Science: Python, Pandas, SciKitLearn, SciPy, TensorFlow,
Databases: MongoDB, MySQL and Spark
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We’re hiring!

Be a part of our story

We are currently hiring for the roles below. If you think you’d be a fit, please click the “View Job” link and directly apply via the Wellfound (AngelList) job posting. That is the best way to let us know you’re interested, and helps us process your application faster

If one of the roles below is not quite the right fit, but you are are excited about our mission and want to explore other potential ways to engage, please get in touch with Soham via LinkedIn
Backend Engineer
We are looking for a Backend Developer skilled in Python and FastAPI to build scalable, high-performance applications. Join our team to manage databases and collaborate using Agile methodologies
View job
Frontend Developer
We are looking for a Front End Developer to join our dynamic startup team. Your role will involve developing user interface components with React.js and Svelte, translating designs into high-quality code, and building reusable components for optimal performance. Collaborate with us to meet both technical and business goals
View job