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Working capital that works for you!

We know there’s often days and weeks between when you get paid and when you have to pay us, and it isn't always easy to work with banks to get the working capital you need to bridge the gap. Let us help make the process of getting the credit you deserve faster and easier!
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Fast, Flexible credit to fuel your business

We’ve made the process as painless as possible so you can get the credit you need and get on your way.

Instant approval

Flexible repayment

No Collateral

What’s a line of credit?

It's a flexible financial safety net, available whenever you need it. Borrow up to a specific limit, repay, and borrow again – it's that simple!

Borrow what you need for things like - manage cashflows, pay employees, purchase inventory
Repay  when you are ready - we only ask you to pay a minimum amount every month
You only pay the low fee for the credit that you actually use
In short, a line of credit is financial zen